As the supply of the books diminishes, instead of printing a second edition, we’ve gone up-to-date.  The Chaucer books are online.  You can read them on the screen or download one or all of the books for future reference.
The books are illustrated here in the order of publication. The proper succession came to me in a “dream” during surgery.  I followed the order—not because of the dream, but—because it makes good sense.

Note: It will take several minutes to complete the download of a book, depending on the speed of your connection.   Because of the Middle English characters, we used scanned images rather than formatted text.   We also encourage you to save copies of these books on your computer and  share them provided you retain the copyright notice.

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Chaucer's Host Cover
What is contained in this first book (about the Host) influences all three books.  While some have even ignored the presence of the Host, because he tells no story, he is actually the driving force, present to all the action.  He observes and guides the entire pilgrimage.  He is vital to all three books.  It’s good to get to know him first. (207 pages)
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Cover Pilbrim Chaucer
The second book is all about Chaucer as a man—and as the fictional narrator of the pilgrimage.  It informs you as to why Chaucer feels his pilgrimage is necessary and what he hopes to achieve by it.  Details about his life, which are generally suppressed, are included.  And, the story he tells the Host is interpreted without laundering.  It becomes clear as to why the Host stops the story in the middle of a sentence (!) and why he asks Chaucer to tell  a different story. No one else gets a second chance. Why Chaucer? (205 pages)
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Cover Chaucer's Pilgrims
Part 1  Part 2
Book three, the wrap up, paints a new picture of the pilgrims that arrive at the Tabard at sunset.  Chaucer is already there—and is joined by the variety of characters as they come to stay for the night.  When a flash of insight came to me about their identities, it changed my life.  Yes, really.  What the poet accomplishes in his plan for the Tales is astounding.  It needs to be understood and appreciated. (423 pages)

Because of its size the download is divided into two parts:
Part 1 includes the cover and goes through Chapter IV: "The First Dozen or So".  Part 2 begins with Chapter V: "Almost Everyone Else" and ends with the Bibliography.
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