Ensnared by His Words:
My Chaucer Obsession

Ensnared by His Words: My Chaucer Obsession
 This is the story of a woman’s life—her childhood, her education, her marriage and family. But mostly, this is the story of a woman who, back at college in her middle age, found herself immersed in a centuries old mystery that captured her mind and imagination. The mystery that entranced Dolores was centered in the poet and storyteller Geoffrey Chaucer. She fell in love with his words, his language, his Middle English. And she found in Chaucer’s works, primarily in The Canterbury Tales, meanings hidden and brillliant. However, when she took her discoveries to the established academic scholars, she was dismissed as an amateur and her ideas were scorned because they were original and did not fit the established model. She stuck to her guns, found support and encouragement from a few open-minded scholars, and went on to publish a trilogy of ground-breaking literary criticism about Chaucer’s greatest work. This is a memoir of devotion, joy, and persistence.

 160 pages, paperback, $12.95
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