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Pilgrim Chaucer: Center Stage

“Dolores Cullen has achieved the impossible with Pilgrim Chaucer: Center Stage: she has sparked within me a real fascination for the works of Geoffrey Chaucer . . .Pilgrim Chaucer reveals not only Chaucer’s wit and intellect, but also Cullen’s.”
          —Janice Bartholome, Editor in Chief, West Covina Weekly

“Dolores Cullen’s work on Chaucer offers some consolation to those who feel that Chaucer scholarship has become too specialised, too arcane. Pilgrim Chaucer is presented and packaged as an ‘iconoclastic’ contribution to Chaucer criticism. . . . Its avowed ‘iconoclasm’ resides rather in its refusal to accept the sanitized Chaucerian personality produced by the nineteenth and early twentieth century . . . . Cullen thus makes an interesting discursive intervention into a field that is normally dominated by specialists.”
    —The Medieval Review, Stephanie Trigg, University of Melbourne

“These facts [of the poet’s life] will serve like an actor’s credits on a theatre program, a documentation of past experiences that prepared him for the performance he is about to give. Next we will listen carefully to the conversation he has with the Host (with Christ) when it is the pilgrim poet’s turn to tell a story. We’ll examine that story—the tale of Sir Thopas—and I guarantee that you will not find it dull, as it is reputed to be. . . . The image you now have of Chaucer will change in the pages ahead. The changes will not diminish him as a poet. On the contrary, a better understanding of his creative plan, along with what he reveals about himself, will endow his image with fullness and life.”
          —end of Preface, Pilgrim Chaucer: Center Stage

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